Toxin Free Living- Where do you start?

Go natural toxin-free living
When it comes to toxin-free living, where do you start?
If we go back 500 years and look at the chemicals used in our products and everyday lifestyles, we would see a very different picture from today’s world.
In times past, most of our needs were met by the natural world through wood, metals, and other resources that were extracted from the natural environment.
Today, one estimate states that chemicals are used in 96 per cent of manufactured materials and products.
The rise in chemical usage and synthetics directly impacts our health.
As much as our bodies have an amazing defence system to help eliminate toxins, the chemical overload found in today’s world is putting our health, wellbeing and longevity at risk.
Chemicals and synthetics saturate our food chain and our environment. They are absorbed into our bodies through topical applications such as skincare and makeup.
So where do we start? How do we reduce this impact on our health?
Let’s keep it simple. Let’s focus on the things that are within our control.
Start small. Every little change you make is doing you and your family good.
You could start with your home environment and make some changes to your cleaning products, choosing natural products derived from nature.
You could start with your family’s body wash or shampoo.
You could switch your morning cup of tea or coffee to an organic option.
Every little change you make is a boost to your health and wellbeing.
Start small and enjoy natural products that are good for you and our planet.
Alison Jessup. 💕
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